Ethics of Medicine

In charge for this group are:

Gunnar Scott Reinbacher
Associate Professor at Department of Culture and Global Studies

Peter Øhrstrøm
Professor at Department of Communication

Thomas Ploug
Professor with Specific Responsibilities at Department of Communication, Copenhagen

Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen
Head of the Faculty of Medicine

Søren Holm
Professor at the Falculty of Medicine

Centre of Applied Ethics are proud to announce that Professor Søren Holm, Centre of Applied Ethics, Aalborg University, and the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, School of Law, University of Manchester, UK, has been nominated as the new President of the International Association of Bioethics.

The International Association of Bioethics is the largest international academic association within bioethics. IAB arranges a world congress every second year, and has held congresses on all continents, except Antartctica. This year the twelfth world congress is held in Mexico City 25-28 June 2014, where Professor Søren Holm will give his ”Presidential Address”.